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New Doctor Who!

Doctor Who episode review: (Spoiler alert, so this will be under a cut)

[Spoiler (click to open)]
New episode was good on its own, but after being disappointed by last season's overall story arc, I'm not really expecting much from this season either.

New character love: Oswin (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman)

She can replace Amy any day. She has the same spunk and charisma Amy had back at the beginning of season 5. She is a good match for the doctor, and I did like the twist (which, whilst predictable, I will not spoil here) at the end. It will be interesting to see how Moffat introduces her character after than plot twist.

I would post screencaps, but I'm far too lazy :P

Anyway, play by play of the episode.

So, the episode starts off with the Doctor being propositioned (hehe, my mind went to a dirty place there) by a woman telling him to save her daughter who has been captured by the Daleks. They reveal they are on Skaro (I think they've tried to emulate Skaro as it was shown in the first Doctor who Dalek episode, but modernised, obviously). The Doctor is suspicious, the woman is revealed to be a Dalek, a recurring theme in the episode (and I suspect it will be a recurring theme throughout the season). I'm not sure I like these human-dalek thing Moffat's got going on. I mean, I know in "The Daleks in Manhatten" episode (in season 3) they had human Daleks, but that was different and made sense (in a Doctor Who kind of way). 

Next scene: Amy and Rory in fight mode. The way Rory treats Amy in this scene is so sad, because I love Rory. Rory and Amy have split up (super sad face) for a reason we don't know yet. They both get captured by the human-disguised-dalek things. It's weird.

Amy, Rory and the Doctor are now reunited and are presented to the Dalek parliament, who ask the Doctor to save them. I didn't like this part either. Now, I know that the Daleks have shown some emotion in the past, usually just fear of the Doctor, and River Song. Otherwise, they have shown emotion because they had human DNA in them (first Dalek episode with Rose, "The Daleks in Manhatten" with the Dalek human hybrid), and I think the cult of Skaro are an exception to that Daleks being void of emotion rule. I just found it flawed that the Daleks would actually ask the Doctor for help. I mean it did say that they were planning to kill the Doctor after he destroyed the Dalek Asylum (a planet full of insane Daleks, I guess that means more insane than Dalek Khan?). Whatever the Moffat explanation there, I didn't find it very plausible.

Okay, so from thereon, the Doctor plus companions in tow try and find a way to shut down the asylum, and they run into Oswin who helps them through the asylum. It is revealed that any organic matter on the planet is converted into Dalek. 

Rory and Amy reunite (yay). This was actually a really sweet episode. References back to Demon's Run (seriously, the worse climax to a season ever). Rory and Amy love, Doctor awkwardness. Big twist (which was pretty predictable. Moffat dropped a lot of hints). Even though I thought it was predictable, I did like that for once the big twist in a Moffat episode was actually led into properly and well written. Moffat took way to many leniencies in the last season with that kind of thing.

So, rating, I hear you not ask? I give this episode a 3/5 because it was okay, but it was well written and give something to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

Let's just hope there aren't too many filler episodes.



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Sep. 9th, 2012 07:38 am (UTC)
Maybe it's me, but after David Tennant left, the series hasn't felt the same. As a result, and now your review, I haven't been as excited for the new season. :/
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