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130+ blog posts from the past few days D: I follow WAY too many blogs

Anyhoo, I've decided not to spam my LJ with pictures & posts I find interesting, those will be added to my Fave 5 list (posted every Friday). I want to theme each day of the week with something and post specifically to those things with my little blog posts in between. Thus far, I've got, Music Monday, Youtube Wednesday and Fave Five Friday. I'll think of something for the others, otherwise I'll just blog when I feel like it, which is what I seem to do anyway.

Since I am no longer spamming my LJ with crazy things I find on blogs I follow, I have done that on tumblr instead, since that is what tumblr is for after all. So, please have a look at my tumblr.


Music I'm obsessed with at the moment:

Warrior - Kimbra, Mark Foster, A-Trak
Musical wonderful-ness in 4 minute song. The gorgeousness of Kimbra's voice and Mark Foster's musical genius makes this song.

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
This song is so terribly catchy. It's been stuck in my head since I heard it, and not to mention a friend of a friend made an AWESOME parody that just makes my little nerdy heart skip.

Because of my exams I haven't been listening to any new music. I've got a few gigs coming up though, so I've got to indulge in those bands for a little while.

Frenzal Rhomb
Children Collide
DZ Deathrays / Bleeding Knees Club

All Aussie bands :) 

Okily dokily. That's all for now. These music posts will probably limited to once a week or fortnight since I tend to get obsessed with songs for about that amount of time.

Jun. 20th, 2012

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!! *dances*

(Imagine him dancing that too "Disco Inferno" by the Trammps)

Anyhoo, I just remembered that I finished exams yesterday and I hadn't done a celebratory post yet (I wasn't home yesterday). Yay me :D

Celebrated with katsu-don from one of my fave Japanese restaurants in the city

And today I went out for lunch with the highschool group (we got Mexican, I got nachos because I've been craving them and my boyfriend doesn't like nachos, weirdo). And from when I came home, I've been looking through my neglected bloglovin' list, and watching anime (One Piece & FMA Brotherhood).

I've surprisingly gotten quite into One Piece. When I started watching it, I thought it was incredibly weird and pointless, but I have to say it's very well written and quite funny. Although, it is still incredibly weird, but I suppose it's Japanese so that was a given.

TV shows to watch during the Winter break:
Warehouse 13
Game of Thrones
FMA Brotherhood
Ouran Host Club live action
Yakitate! Japan
Boardwalk Empire

Books to read:
Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood
Jeeves & Wooster series by P.G. Wodehouse
Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin
Dark Remedy by Trent Stephens & Rock Bryner
Shakespeare collected works (the book has been sitting there all sad for the longest time)
A few books of the Agatha Christie persuasion (I buy them every so often and read them as I go)

Manifest cosplay costume - Chopper from One Piece
Totoro costume (making a totoro dress, just 'cause, I'll find somewhere to wear it)
Glittery shoes
Watercolour / ink painting (need to get a good set of water colours first)

Anyhoo, that's all for now :) Any recommendations for tv shows or books??



Exams suck, not blogging regularly sucks, being sick whilst studying for exams suck. Fortunately I only have one last exam, pharmacology! Which I hope will be easy...

Last minute study notes

Anyway, will post again soon!

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No significant post today, amongst procrastinating and studying I haven't been doing all that much. I will resume regular (ish) posting after the 19th

Til then, cya nerd-migos

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First up, happy birthday to ladyminya for Monday! We need to catch up so I can get you a birthday cupcake or something ^_^

Since last week I've started studying for exams (sigh) and I had two 21sts last night. Didn't get many photos, so I won't post any.


{1. Studying organic chem; 2. New Temper Trap album!!! Will do a music review next week; 3. Old clunky train that smells like metal, I think I've only been on them a handful of times; 4. Trying on the gorgeous rainbow glitter SENSO shoes I can't afford; 5. My beautiful new Docs; 6. The Office & coffee}

This is inspired by Felicia Day's Fave Five segment on her vlog, the Flog

1. Handwritten tutorials - This site is pretty self-explanatory. Topics include anatomy, mathematics and physiology. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

2. Richard Feynman documentary - Documentary I found via brainpickings.org about Richard Feynman (a famous physicist). For those who know who he is, you will know he worked alongside Bohr & Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project, the documentary includes his point of view of the Manhattan Project and why he decided to work on the atomic bomb. I thought it was pretty interesting. It is, however, an hour long, so clear some time to watch it, or do what I did and watch it in small increments.

3. Glass gem corn - Genetically modified corn. Genetics is pretty awesome.

I don't have any more than this because I only thought of this segment now, but I will have more better ones next week.

Anyway, I have an essay to write and more studying (procrastinating) to do.

Tiring boring week with the exception of last night, my red-headed alter-ego's 21st. 

Her party was so much fun. She had a live band (The Kujo Kings) so there was lots of crazy dancing and skanking. 

Photos from the party:

The place was really nice. Spacious, i.e. room for crazy dancing. Also, the ladies room was awesome, it had a powder room! All places should have a powder room!!

The band getting ready

The last few of the night

Also have a few polaroids from the night that I took (a part of my present to the birthday girl)


Left: Fail photo that one of the band members decided to draw on :P 
Right: Me & my red-headed alter ego aka the birthday girl

Nevertheless, I had an awesome time, albeit I'm a bit tired and sore from all the dancing last night.
Moving on....


{1. picking shoes for the 21st; 2 & 3. disappearing TARDIS mug I received for my birthday; 4. Legend of Korra, creme brulee tea & choc chip cookies; 4. Portal companion cube cookie jar I received for my birthday; 6. Saw the new John Cleese movie, 'Spud'}


Cute cards of the Victorian train stations

Here are more

It was hilarious to me that my boyfriend is terrified of spiders whilst I find them awesome (I want a pet tarantula)

These make my ocd extremely happy
Here are more

Because everyone loves cat gifs

And lastly...


Kujo Kings

Reel Big Fish

One of their best covers

The Aquabats

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Okay, I think that's enough for now. I'll head off now. 'Til next time :) xoxo
First thing's first, happy birthday tole_grrr for yesterday ^_^

I'm sorry, I just need to share this website with everyone: http://www.zooborns.com/ 
I just spent the last 10 minutes on it. Click on the link, you won't regret it.

Okily dokily. What have I been up to? Studying / procrastinating mostly :( 

I want these shoes:

But in rainbow glitter, yes you read correctly, RAINBOW.GLITTER! 
They are, however, FAR to expensive for me, but I am seriously considering putting them on lay-by, which makes them slightly more affordable....slightly....

I want / will get this bag....

...once I've saved up enough, of course. Isn't it gorgeous?

...sigh, I'm so materialistic, it hurts me. ANYWAY. Enough pretty things I can't afford....


{1. Coffee in a pretty cup makes everything better; 2. 75% off Easter Eggs; 3. Nyan cat sheet music "Repeat until forever" ~=[,_,]:3; 4. Yellow pokemon birthday cards from my red-headed alter ego signifying 4 years of friendship; 5. Pokemon pencil I found; 6. My signed copy of Children Collide's new album 'Monument'}




The Piper's Song - Gypsy & The Cat (This version is AMAZING, better than the recorded version)

Houdini - Foster The People (I love the concept of this music video, if you're going to watch any of the clips I've linked, watch this one. Also, Foster the People boyband, love it, haha)

Sword To A Gunfight - Children Collide (I have to link my favourite Melbourne band, obsessed with their new album at the moment)

Cherries - Children Collide

Prussian Blue - Children Collide

Okay, I think I've done enough procrastination for the night. I will really try to do more regular updates, but I have a sneaking suspicion than the next 2 months will become incredibly busy.

'Til next time nerd-dizzles xoxo

Apr. 22nd, 2012

So, it's been nearly 2 weeks since my birthday. Obviously things have been a bit hectic. After my birthday I was busy studying / writing my essay / organising my party. Then after my party last Saturday, I was writing my essay and studying for my mid-semester test. And, after that I was catching up on my lecture revision. I'm still catching up now :(

Anyway! The party was a success, didn't end up spending too much and everyone told me they had fun and it was a good party. So in the end, I'm very happy :) I also received so much jewellery for my birthday! I love it. Also, my friends bought me 2 whole boxes of macarons (I may or may not have eaten the majority of them) and the boyfriend bought me a giant Lindt bunny that was bigger than my head! AMAZING! I ate about half of it and he ate the other half, suffice to say I think I can do without chocolate for a while :P He also got me the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver (photos are on my instagram: i_lean)

I also got some amazing photos from my party. I could finally use my polaroid camera (you can add me on facebook if you like, just PM me and I'll send you the link to my facebook). 

Other birthday things included: tea, cake and shopping with the cousin for our birthdays yesterday (hers is next week on ANZAC Day, 25th of April); seeing Wil Anderson's show 'Wilarious' at the Melbourne Comedy Festival on my actual birthday; and skyping with pebblegosling on the night of my birthday (whilst the bf watched 'Mean Girls')--it was totally awesome to catch up with her, I miss her so much since she's been overseas since what feels like FOREVER!!!! Oh, I also have a tradition where I sit at home and eat cake whilst watching my birthday movies on my birthday, but since my birthday was a little busy and I stayed over at the bf's place, we got New York Cheesecake (my favourite) from Brunetti's and watched Mean Girls after the show. My birthday movie list is comprised of Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and Centre Stage (all guilty pleasure movies). Bf hated me for making him watch them (besides Mean Girls, because let's face it, it's an awesome movie), but since it was my birthday he wasn't allowed to complain. I usually have a few more movies on the list (none that I can think of now) but I couldn't fit them all into one day since I had to study and write an essay :(

Other than that, I've been meeting up with various friends and getting lots more birthday presents! I truly do love my birthday ^_^

Okay..hm...I don't really have too much music or tv interests to share. I finally got my hands on Megan Washington's EP 'Insomnia', which is amazing, and pre-ordered & received Children Collide's new album 'Monument' which is also amazing. I got to go to their gig with my red-headed alter ego gig buddy, Sarah aka Red, the bf, another friend and Red's little bro. It was so much fun. I really love seeing them perform live.

I know I'm a bit late on the uptake, but I've finally gotten into The Guild (by Felicia Day). I must say I'm not much of a gamer, but I still love this series. I've also finally discovered that the Nerdist have a youtube channel!! I've been listening to their podcasts since 2011. Oh, other TV shows I've started watching: GCB, this Dallas-set show about a rich bitch returning home after her husband dies in a car accident and tries to change her ways and make amends for who she was in high school. It's not a very good show but Kristin Chenoweth is in it...lol (it's also the reason why I started watching Pushing Daisies, but that's actually a really good show). Also, Doctor Who should be back soon right? The new companion is a babe, but I'm going to miss Amy's Scottish accent :(

I think that's all can really think to write about at the moment. I might try and to a weekly post either Friday night or Saturday morning with a short recap of my week just to make sure I keep blogging.

Anyhoo, til next time! xoxo

Apr. 9th, 2012

I know I've been totally absent lately, but study & being sick has been keeping me pre-occupied. Now it's mid-semester break, I have a bit of free time, but again, I have to study and write an essay. 

Also, it's my birthday in 2 days! Or rather, since it's past midnight, I WILL BE 21 IN EXACTLY 1 DAY!!!! Super excited. 

I will try to post once a week and slowly get back into my regular posting routine, but once mid-sems are over, I'll have to concentrate on finals.

Anyway, to catch y'all up, uni have had pretty awesome bands. Megan Washington, Owl Eyes, Tripod. Megan Washington & Brooke Addamo, I love you!!! They're both gorgeous and have AMAZING voices. Tripod is an Australian comedy trio. Also, very awesome.

Oh, I've also really gotten into Warehouse 13, and started watching Eureka again. I've also gotten into GCB, it's a terrible show, but Kristin Chenoweth is in it, and I love her (how can you not? she's adorable, and has an amazing voice)

Anyhoo, I actually have lots of photos from the past few weeks, I'll compile them when I get a chance and post them .

'Til next time my nerd-migos, xoxo

EDIT// Forgot to mention, anyone who has my on facebook knows I have an instagram account, I've started posting photos on there quite regularly lately, most of those will be posted to my tumblr & twitter account as well, so if you follow any of those, you can stalk me quite readily :P (my instagram user is i_lean)

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